Man Narrates Unbelievable Story Of How He Mistakenly Had S*x With His Wife’s Twin Sister & How It Landed Him In Trouble

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A remorseful and confused man has revealed shocking details of how a drunken night in Vegas resulted in him accidentally bedding his wife’s twin instead of his spouse.
The poster wrote on Reddit:
“My wife (Let’s call her Rachel) and I like to take a trip to Vegas at least once every couple of years. We don’t gamble much but love going to the shows and attractions. That year, her sister (Let’s call her Jody) went through a nasty divorce and was depressed for a long time. My wife wanted her to come along on our next Vegas trip. I agreed and had no problem. When we were younger (Met my wife in college), her sister would tag along quite often.
“Whether it was off to a party or on a day trip, Jody was always cool to be around. Even though they are twins, I absolutely have no interest in her. Jody is more of a “party girl”,self-fish and vein (She has plastic boobs). My wife is sweet, all natural, kind and self-less.
“We were all sharing a room (Double beds). After spending 4 days in Vegas, our last night, we decided to hit the casino downstairs. Jody and my wife decided to get wasted. They sit at the bar pretty much the whole time while I was hitting the blackjack tables. I ended up losing $200 bucks and decided to stop (Yeah I’m cheap).
“Feeling like a loser, I decided to join them at the bar. After a few beers and shots, I completely forgot about my losses at the blackjack table. My wife and I head up first. Jody was at the bar talking to some guy. We wished her luck and headed up to our room.
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“By this time it was 2am and we start to stumble our way up to our room. We were pretty hammered as I had no idea where our room was. Luckily my wife found our room. Next thing you know, I’m face down on the bed out cold.
“A few moments later I awake in a dark room, drunk and horny. My wife was curled up against me. I didn’t hear Jody come back and figured she was having fun with the bar guy. I thought it was a good time for sexy time. I start with my smooth moves by massaging my wife’s back and taking off her panties.
“She’s definitely in the mood as her body is shifting and moaning. She starts to get into it by grabbing my junk. That’s all it took, and I was inside of her. I’m embarrassed to say but I only last about 2 minutes.
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“We cuddle and I start to fondle her boobs. I notice they were quite firm and almost balloon like. In my drunken state, I immediately froze. I realized I just f*cked my wife’s sister” the man said.
The man then explains that as he turns on the lights, his wife finds the two of them n*ked in the bed. Worse, he describes how his “package of contents” starts to come out of her. Needless to say, he slept on the floor that night.
When the couple returned home, Rachel took some time to think about things. It didn’t end well.
“Getting divorce finalized soon,” concludes the poster.

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