Shocking: See The Evil Men Do In Nigeria Night Parties (See Photos)

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To an average resident of Ibadan, the city is relatively peaceful and silent. But recent developments in the capital city, especially with the proliferation of nightclubs that appear to be dotting every nook and cranny of the city, it will not be out of place to say that Ibadan is fast moving away from its old self.


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shocking party pics

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To most night crawlers in Ibadan, the best days to hit the clubs are Thursdays and Fridays. After the hustling and bustling of the week, revellers love to unwind. As early as 6:30p.m on Fridays when the sun disappears, the party begins and does not stop till 5a.m on Saturdays. Saturday Tribune’s checks revealed that it is a different world inside most of the nightclubs in Ibadan and what goes on in there is nothing short of the biblical ‘Sodom and Gomorrah.’


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Saturday Tribune’s investigation revealed that a number of revellers who live outside Ibadan, especially in Lagos State now prefer to hang out in Ibadan every weekend and even party till Sunday evening before moving back to their bases. To them, they have explored Lagos, they have now shifted their attention to Ibadan that is fast becoming a new home for fun seekers who want to have a ‘nice time’ depending on the weight of their pockets.


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As dusk gives way to night life, especially on Fridays, Ibadan clubs naturally slip into quickies, twerks, s3x, popping and dance. To some, it is new but to many, it is part of the development they have long been craving for. That Ibadan now seems to be going the way of Lagos when it comes to nightclubbing does not worry them. “At least, one must enjoy life when one still has the strength to play around and the cash to spend,” said a young man who gave his name as Sola Adeoye.

Many upwardly mobile men hop off sleek cars into a world of risqué belly dancers and butt popping, while the rest of the country goes to bed. Spending a fortune at clubs every weekend does not seem to bother them as long as the cash keeps flowing; they will keep popping.

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