The Expensive Lifestyle of Flight Cabin Crew

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Flight crew members have taken to Instagram to give their followers a look at their lifestyle away from the cabin. From being paid to travel various countries, to stopping over at dream destinations and visiting tourist sites.
In one Instagram post, Georgia Nielsen who works for Emirates Airline can be seen sipping from a coconut on a beach in Brazil, in another, she’s on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa and then in front of the bridge in San Francisco.



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Male flight attendant, Daniel Smith, who works with Monarch air posts photos that make you want to leave your job and apply to be a flight attendant. In one he’s seen dressed in his uniform with a cabin crew member which he captioned “I need Vitamin SEA.”
Another crew member who is flaunting the good life is Hudson Sa. Hudson, a Brazil based pilot, might focus his entire attention on landing the plane safely while he’s at work, but once he’s off work he doesn’t fail to have fun and take photos of his travel across the globe. Hudson, who looks really attractive in his uniform and out of it, shares these lovely photos on Instagram and they have gotten him a huge number of followers.
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